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2024 Bre's Birthday Honeycomb Kit *READY TO SHIP*

2024 Bre's Birthday Honeycomb Kit *READY TO SHIP*

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The tumbler kit will include:
5.5 oz of ss20 rhinestones in the colors shown! 
1 stainless steel 20 oz honey comb compatible tumbler (NO TAPER).

The pen kit will include:
1- 2 pk of black pens 
1- pk of ss10 rhinestones in the colors displayed.

There are two options with this listing... Option 1: both the pen kit and the tumbler kit ONLY. Option 2: The pen kit, tumbler kit and an upgraded tool kit with two silicone mats (light pink and bright green)! Tool kit items can be found here. **you will not get the blue or purple mat that is included with the tool kit at full price. Just the green and pink with this listing.

The colors in both of these kits are: Light Rose, Rose, Olivine, Light Peridot, Mermaid, and Pearl. 

you will have the option once you add this to your cart to add on a few other tools to make this kit easier to do.