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Coral Reef

Coral Reef

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All stones are packaged by weight. These are high quality glass stones. These stones are applied using liquid adhesives. These are not hot fix stones. 

ss6-approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss8- approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss10- approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss12- approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss16- approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss20- approx. 1440 stones per bag. 
ss30- approx. 288 stones per bag. 

Filler Pack- approx 1440 stones ranging in sizes SS6-SS12 **some colors do not come in all sizes, so if this is the case… the mixed packs will come with double of however many sizes to make up for the missing sizes. 

Mixed Sizes- 2 oz by weight sizes SS10-SS20

Each batch is made in color lots and may range slightly in color between batches. We will try to match batches between orders as closely as possible.